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wow this is amazing so far

Beautiful game,nice work

Really great demo! Beautiful game so far.

Excellent game. Love that your weapon is the eagle, and the element's damage are the feathers. Nice Roguelike platform metroidvania game.

Gameplay (Spanish review):

Hope you like it, like i love the game.

This game is extremely entertaining and challenging. It is highly recommended by me :-)

Just played your game and had a blast doing it. Really amazing game. Good work :D

What a fun, cool concept for a game! 

wow, this really good from what i have played so far, waiting for full release. I would ask though, please implement a 'Windowed' mode for resolution configuration on PC/Mac/Linux formats. :) all the best. looking forward o playing again. :)

Thanks! It launches on Thursday. You can set the game to Windowed mode by pressing Escape and heading to the Graphics Settings.

awesome thanks.

Is the full game out yet?

Yep, it's currently available on Steam and Switch:

Amazing game. I like visuals but especially how sound effects and physics/controls are blend together. The core is already polished, so I'm sure the full version of the game will be amazing. Insta buy on Switch for me.

loving the game and its super fun, really pisses me off at times lol absolutely hat the no checkpoint system but thats what makes the game lol also love the rng and multiple perks!! enemies are on point

This game is a lot of fun could not stop playing it

love this many diverse ways you can attack with Koji

Cannot wait until the games release

Made a part 2 as I simply had to give the boss another go...

This game was a lot of fun and looks fantastic! The mechanics were great and the procedurally generated world felt unique each time yet still felt like a well crafted space.

I look forward to seeing what the full game has in store for us! :D

(Here's a little video of my first experience with the demo ;P)

Really enjoyed the demo! Good luck with its full release.

Hey! Great and complete game! Loved the mechanics and the back story too! Amazing work! 

Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest? 

Check out our page for more info :) 

This is genuinely some pretty awesome stuff. I'm really looking forward to this game's release! One question, though. Will the game be available on Mac upon release?

Yes, I've updated the demo now, including Mac support

Игра огонь,  буду ждать :) 

That was amazing man


Really fun game to play. Unforunately the resolution was to big for my screen and a lack of a visible fullscreen option made me unaware of the HUD and some parts of the level that I nver saw. But at least I'll wait patiently for a new version in which I will be able to see the entire screen.

Glad you enjoyed it - I'm sorry the resolution caused a problem. In the full game, the resolution is automatically selected to fit your screen size :)

Hey, I've just uploaded the latest demo if you'd like to try it

flynn son of crimson

There's a game like that, but I can not remember the name :(

Do you need a Linux tester?

Hey, you can download the latest demo now which supports Linux

Good game.

We had a blast playing this one, love the art style and gameplay

Linux dude, Linux binary.

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The full game is for Windows, Mac and Linux 👍

Oh ok, Well i have no windows system to test it out on, Got rid of all my windows install media and disks long ago.
Will maybe see if it runs in wine to try it out.
Thanks for the reply.

I've updated the demo to support Linux :)

I feel like you die too easily... Sometimes I get really far into the level and I die... I hate it.

Don't get me wrong...I like this game alot... But I die too much.


Thanks dude! Rest assured there will be a selection of shorter levels in the full game, along with the opportunity to increase maximum health. Keep an eye out for it later this year!

Very addicting game, playing every single day with my son.  Waiting the update from the author.

Remind me a bit owlboy :) it looks really fun

This is a very fun and addicting game. I would seriously back this on kickstarter, if I had money. To anyone who is reading the comments to check out the game, you should really play it because it's super fun and addicting.

WOW! This game is a lot of fun to play! Even if it is a demo, it's really enjoyable! Here's a video I've recorded.

This looks awesome! I love this game!

This looks great! I LOVE the pixelart and the overall theme.

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I felt I needed to add a bit more to my comment.
An excellent game, very fun and addictive! I absolutely loved the idea!! Continue!!!

Graphics are awsome and the little details you put like the dadelions flying just add a very nice touch to the game and make's it feel much more alive. It would be fun to have at leasta check point or 2 as restarting the whole dungeon one killed is a bit tiresome for me. And a small basic tutorial on what give's what and some way to easily see our money and inventory.

I could also add an extra treasure to add additional slots for quirks instead of just 4.

A must have and a must play to me, very good platform controls and the gameplay is seamless!!! Seriously, very good Job!!!

This an amazing 2d pixelated game!  I'm really enjoying it so far and can't wait for the full game to be released!  Here is a Video of the game so far btw! :)

I love this game! Please make a version for mac

click here

Where is the version of Mac?
The games is cool and wonderful and i would like to play in my mac!

Hi Yancolt, the demo is only available for Windows, but the full game will be released across Windows, Mac and Linux

wish i could play ;-; but i have the crash to desktop problem

This is fixed in the full version of the game :)

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